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Echidna Sniffles

Echidna Sniffles

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Event Photography

Event Photography - WeddingI am available for personalised event photography in Tasmania (and elsewhere in Australia for the right project). Before going into detail, here is a summary of the key features that define the style of service that I provide:

I'm specifically interested in creating mutually positive experiences for the people I work with, and I believe that can come most strongly when everybody involved knows what's at stake. With that in mind, I have put together a pricing model where on top of a base price that covers my costs, the final figure is decided by the recipient after final shots have been viewed.

Event Photography - CyclingWith the increased availability of print services in and out of the home combined with the ease of online photo sharing, printed copies are more and more becoming an optional part of event photography. In the interests of keeping costs low and flexibility high, I prefer to not include printing within photography projects. I am able to organise prints with little fuss, but these will always be treated as a separate job.

Ownership is a significant issue that many people do not consider when comissioning a photographer. To give the highest degree of freedom, I prefer to release work under the Creative Commons Attribution licence, though I am happy to negotiate licencing terms when a Creative Commons licence may not be appropriate.

If you are interested in contacting me to arrange or discuss an event, please contact me via

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Landscape & Wildlife Photography

Landscape Example - WaterfallFew things can capture the splendor and beauty of the natural world and its creatures like a photograph.

Wildlife Example - BirdIf you have a location or animal that you're particularly interested in having photographed or if you've found something on my Flickr account that you like which isn't available as a print, please contact me via, and I'll be happy to discuss options.

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ABN: 30 995 327