Application Development

Code ExampleI am available for custom application development for Linux, MacOS, Windows and mobile platforms. I have experience in C/C++, Objective C, Java and Python, but will consider additional languages and platforms as appropriate for the project at hand.

Throughout the course of the design and development process, I like to stay in close contact with my clients to identify and validate against end user requirements.

In addition to intuitive interfaces and clear workflows, I can also provide documentation and training for applications I develop.

If you're interested in discussing development of an application with me, please contact me via

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Database Design

Database Schema ExampleProper data storage and accessibility can greatly enhance the scalability and robustness of an application and the information it works with.

For projects that warrant it, I prefer to make use of MySQL/MariaDB, a stable, professional grade Open Source Database Management System. For smaller footprint projects, I also work with SQLite and NoSQL.

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Website/Webapp Development

Example Website StructureI am available for tailored website and webapp development, leaveraging existing platforms such as WordPress and Joomla as well as writing custom administration/content management systems where appropriate.

I am a big believer in standards compliance and the forwards compatibility that can bring. For this reason, I prefer to focus on standards validation first and browser/user agent testing second.

Example WebsiteI have experience with server side scripting such as PHP and JSP, as well as client side javascript/"Ajax" scripting. I am also happy to work with emerging technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

I tailor my rates to match the scopes of the projects I work on. I have also worked on websites for Free/Open Source projects and not-for-profit organisations at no cost.

If you're interested in engaging my services or discussing a project with me, please contact me via

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ABN: 30 995 327