NeverballI first joined the Neverball community in 2006, three years before 1.5.0, (the first 'community' release) was unleashed upon the world. In the time leading up to and following release, I participated as an active member of the Neverball developer community, taking part in game design and project management decisions. I also coordinated a 'thank-you' project where key community contributors in seven countries signed a t-shirt, which was then sent on to the game's original creator. In 2009, Neverball won Silver in the Hobbies category of Les Trophées du Libre.

I committed patches in C, adding teleporter particle effects and improved internal screenshot management.

In addition to participating in visual design discussions, I contributed graphics for teleporter pads, teleporter particles, custom balls and created the 'Volcano' environment background. I also worked on SVG program icons for Neverball and its sister project Neverputt. I created the design and graphics for the official Neverball website (2009-onwards), and created smilies for the official forums based on the in-game 'thwomp' characters.

Though I have retired from the Neverball community, I still hold the project in high esteem.


Though the above website contains or references work that I have done, this does not indicate that I am responsible for other content found there. Proceed with that awareness.

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