DesuriumI first entered into the Desura user community as a beta tester of their native Linux client. I also interviewed Desura's then Linux Games Lead, Tim Jung about his role as well as Desura's plans for Linux support and Free/Open Source games.

Following the release of the Desura client as a Free Software project under the GPL named "Desurium", I committed "Desurium" branded images to replace Desura branded logos and trademarks based on a "Desubot" concept contributed by another artist. In addition to contributing those images, I also modified the Desurbot design to be symmetrical and have fewer extraneous nodes, committed several templates to make future derivatives easier, and liased with the original Desubot artist to clarify licencing.

I have also taken part in development discussion with other Desurium contributors and Desura employees.


Though the above website contains or references work that I have done, this does not indicate that I am responsible for other content found there. Proceed with that awareness.

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