FLATIn June 2012, I participated in the 7 Day FPS Challenge, a week long event during which individuals and teams of developers attempted to create "first person" games. I collaborated with Johan "SteelRaven7" Hassel, Johannes "jo_shadow" Peter and Anton Riehl on a sprite based first person ice skating combat game titled FLAT.

For the majority of FLAT's assets, I used Blender to create 3D models which were then batch rendered from 16 angles for each frame of any animation that the given model had into directional sprites to be used in-game. I did several additional sprites in the Gimp and painted some concept art, and also recorded several audio assets.

In addition to creating all of the game's art assets, I also worked on post-event code updates to implement gameplay fixes, music, and additional graphics. In July 2012, we released FLAT under the GPL.

During development, I posted updates in a twolofbees.com blog post, and continued to document my post-event work on the 7DFPS.org site.



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