twolofbees.comIn March 2010, I co-launched with my partner Mim to share our art, doodles and musings with the world. What started as a cataloguing system to help us keep track of our artwork has turned into an art blog/comic site with a modest following of supportive and inspiring people.

I wrote the entire website in PHP, coded against W3C XHTML 1.0 Strict standard and created a custom content management system. The site internally resizes images and generates thumbnails where appropriate, reducing our manual image manipulation overhead.

All site design work (2010-current) has been done by myself, based on Mim's 'lof bee' concept, and I have contributed a range of photos as well as traditional, 2D digital, 3D artwork and site banners under the name 'Cheese'.


Though the above website contains or references work that I have done, this does not indicate that I am responsible for other content found there. Proceed with that awareness.

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