Tamar Bicycle Users Group

Tamar Bicycle Users GroupMy enthusiasm for cycling led me to become involved with the formation of the Launceston Bicycle Users Group, which later evolved into the Tamar Bicycle Users Group (T-Bug). After being involved for four years, and serving as Vice President, as well as representing the local cycling community on the Launceston City Council's Bike Committee, I have retired from T-Bug. I still remain a supporter of cycling as a viable means of transport and healthy form of recreation.

Beginning in 2007, I created and maintained the T-Bug website including a custom content management system based on TinyMCE and an administrative interface to help with general maintenance tasks.  The entire site is coded in PHP against the W3C XHTML 1.0 Strict standard.

I also designed the T-Bug logo (2007-current) and website design (2007-2010) based on a bright, simple aesthetic.



Though the above website contains or references work that I have done, this does not indicate that I am responsible for other content found there. Proceed with that awareness.

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