Australian National Judo Championships

In 2005, Tasmania hosted the Australian National Judo Championships. Through ties with the Judo Federation of Australia (Tasmania) that arose from a student project, myself and a team of three others wrote and provided an automated competition management system in Java to operate as an alternative to the then-current pen and paper system.

In addition to supporting and assisting the broader team, I designed and developed a back-of-house management tool to import competitor details, create tiered 'bout' lists based on weight divisions, and queue bouts from multiple divisions at multiple 'mats' ordered to give competitors adequate rest between bouts. This tool also interfaced with concurrently developed scoring software to process bout results and generate final bouts, and provided flexibility for queue ordering customisation.

I also created a website (2005-2008) to present results and photos from the event which is no longer hosted.

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