TuzIn 2009, Tasmania hosted, a Free/Open Source conference, which attracted over 700 speakers, delegates and volunteers from around Australia and the world. I held a position on the organising team, being responsible for graphic design and marketing. In addition to hosting a fantastic event, we also raised over $40,000 for the University of Tasmania and Tasmanian State Government's Save The Tasmanian Devil Program to support research into the Devil Facial Tumor Disease that is endangering the species.

In addition to working on the website design (2008-2009 the link below is to an archived version), I created designs for t-shirts, bags, notepads, balloons, lanyards, flyers, postcards, Rubiks Cubes and an 80 page programme booklet using Open Source tools.

I also recreated the Tuz mascot as an Inkscape SVG based on an unfinished piece by Andrew McGown. As part of a pledge by Linus Torvalds during the Penguin Dinner auction, my version of the Tuz replaced Tux as the mascot for the 2.6.29 Linux kernel, and was released under a CC BY-SA licence.


Though the above website contains or references work that I have done, this does not indicate that I am responsible for other content found there. Proceed with that awareness.

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